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Welcome to ABC Overseas (P) Ltd, you are entering into the arena of an array of career options where the future is full of opportunities and promises. We understand choosing a right company  is one of the most important steps towards your future in foreign employment  and equally important is choosing a country. We are committed to provide you best abroad employment services. Our prime focus is to work with reputed companies with excellent facilities, medical insurance for their workers.

We assure you for your success in the duties you have choosen for. We give career guidance and counseling to find out your tastes and capabilities as well as your strength and weaknesses for the desired jobs. Our aim is to provide the best possible foreign employment services to our job seekers through our international contacts and vast expertise. We can identify the right company in foreign to suit your needs and taste, being stepping- stones to a bright future.

We not only help our employees with initial processing up until visa decisions, but also assist with your travel arrangements and overseas accommodation. We really do help you and support you…every step of the way. We inspire each individual to be a responsible member of society who will bring back some portion of the rewards to home that they have reaped from their endeavors in developed societies. 

Further, we would like to thank our employees, well-wishers and our partner companies overseas for choosing to support us. We look forward to helping you soon. Why not get in touch to make an appointment to come in for a fruitful discussion.

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